We unite development teams and individual specialists with deep specialization in their domain. This helps to attract the most relevant vendor for your project specifically. We can help you enhance your in-house development team or create a dedicated one. Our developers cover a wide range of industries and niches which you can review below.

Stethoscope UnitedCode

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

  • Clinical Analytics Software
  • Custom EMR & EHR Systems
  • HIPAA, HL7, ADA Сompliance Web & Mobile Platforms
  • mHealth App for Patient Self-Management Support
  • Fitness, Wellness, Wearable Mobile App
  • VR/AR Solutions for Medical Training
  • Custom Telemedicine App Development
  • IoT-based Solutions for Healthcare
  • Motion Capture and Tracking Framework Solutions
  • Medical Deviсes Prototyping and Firmware Development
  • AI/ML-based Predictive Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution & Tracking Web Software
  • vetHealth Web & Mobile Applications
  • Veterinary Practice Management Software
Automotive system UnitedCode

Embedded Automotive Systems

  • Onboard Driver Support Systems
  • Autonomous Vehicle IoT/AI Solutions
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Technology
  • Image Recognition and Processing for Cars
  • ECU, Onboard Computing Design & Prototyping
  • Smart Helmets for Safety Driving
  • Radio Pelengation and Location Detector Solutions
  • Encryption Solution and Cyber Security for Connected Cars
  • Remote Monitor and Control Systems
Digital transformation UnitedCode

Digital Transformation Solutions for SMEs

  • Custom CRM & ERP & MRP & SCM
  • AI Chatbots for Operational Support and Automated Self-Service
  • ML-based Automated Quality Control Solutions
  • Employee's Tracking and Data Analytics Services
  • Management Web Platforms
  • VR/AR Solutions for Employee Training
  • Custom RPA, AI-based Analytics Software
  • Virtual and Digital Assessment Centres
  • HR & Talent Intelligence Software
  • Inventory Management Web & Mobile App
E-commers Software UnitedCode

E-commerce Software

  • Custom Shopify-based Online Stores
  • Shopify Application Setting up Services
  • BigCommerce eShops Customization Solutions
  • Custom Platform Migration and Integration Solutions
  • B2C/B2B Web & Mobile Platforms
  • UX/UI e-Commerce Solutions
  • WordPress/Drupal based E-commerce Websites
  • Consumer Electronics Mobility Solutions
  • e-Commerce Landing Pages
Electronic System UnitedCod

Electronic Systems & IIoT

  • Embedded Electronics Systems Design and Development
  • E-CAD, PCB & FPGA-based Hardware Prototyping and Testing Solutions
  • LoRaWan-based Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Smart House Systems and Devices
  • RFID-based Stock and Control Systems
  • Perimeter Monitoring and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Logistics Automation and Monitoring with Image Processing
  • Wireless Elevator Monitoring and Control Robotic Systems
  • Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
Tractor UnitedCode

Agriculture & Farming

  • Remote Farm Monitoring Solutions
  • Asset Tracking Tools and Software
  • Agricultural Drones Development
  • Smart Greenhouse Prototyping
  • Automated Farming Technologies
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