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Swift Delivery: Find expert engineers within 3 weeks
Cost saving: Top-notch engineers under reasonable pricing, our commission is fixed and doesn't depend on engineers’ wages
Get free from micromanagement: We help you with onboarding, controlling sick days & holidays, engineers’ motivation, setting agile processes, and international payments & taxation
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what we do
what we do

Why Clients Choose Unitedcode

Our engineer's pool consists of a wide range of top senior experts and development teams to enhance each project's results. We work closely with development teams, leveraging shared knowledge systems and expertise to enhance project outcomes.
All transactions are insured and protected. Eliminate any apprehensions regarding legal intricacies, as our comprehensive approach ensures flawless adherence to all necessary documentation and legal prerequisites.
Forget about hidden costs and mysterious pricing structures. At UNITEDCODE, we bring you complete transparency in pricing to build trusting relationships between you and engineers. Our commitment to openness ensures exceptional collaboration and successful project outcomes.

Our services

Long-term Engineers Placement
We locate skilled engineers who seamlessly integrate into your team, working under extended contracts. We take care of holidays and sick days, while you only pay for productive hours. Our oversight team monitors engineers’ progress and handles administrative, HR, and payroll services to let you focus on product development and get free from micromanagement.
Software Engineers Recruitment
We excel at selecting engineers of any tech level without the hassle of maintaining a bench or staff. Your needs guide our search, giving you the freedom to choose the services and technologies you require.
Niche Engineering Teams Matching
We aggregate software development teams using our unique multi-tiered selection approaches to ensure they can solve the complex challenges of your business in the required area of knowledge and domain.


Achieve your product development goals while we provide all the essentials.

89 %
Qualified candidates
We assess technical skills, domain expertise, and professional character, reviewing credentials to ensure alignment with client expectations
14 days
Time to hire
Average time from search to hire software dev team with the required tech and domain expertise
2 years
Average employee tenure
We continually monitor developers' satisfaction to collaborate with highly motivated and committed engineers for the long term
Follow 4 simple steps:
Short Discovery Call
Short Discovery Call
Let's kick-start the process with a complimentary discovery call. This crucial step ensures we find specialists that are an ideal fit for your project. Our focus is on gaining a clear picture of your specific requirements. Evaluating your in-house capabilities lets us pinpoint the skills needed to propel your business forward.
Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition
We offer skilled software engineers tailored to your project needs, with transparent communication and seamless integration into your team.
Interview Process
Interview Process
You can interview our shortlisted candidates or trust this process with us.
Streamlined Hiring Process with Legal Expertise
Streamlined Hiring Process with Legal Expertise
Our meticulously crafted hiring process guarantees precision and unwavering reliability. While all manual procedures are meticulously executed in the USA, our operational reach extends across Europe, Latin America, and Middle Asia. You can trust us to manage your project's requirements impeccably, including any intricate legal considerations.
Let's discuss your project in more detail
Please feel free to search for the developers you need. Trust us, and our prices will surprise you!
Engineer tech stack
Engineer region
Seniority level
Pleace, select all fields
Average engineer wage: $ Per month
Unitedcode commission: $1,200 Per month
UNITEDCODE commission Include: Bank commission and fee Recruiting Free engineer replacement Management (time management, control vacations and sick days, weekly reports, performance control) Accounting service for engineers Legal support for engineers US support (from 9AM to 8PM, CST) US insurance
Total: $ Peer month (or $/h)
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Clients Feedback
Adonis Celestine
Senior Director at Applause
Have collaborated with Unitedcode for a couple of years now. They show exceptional professionalism and dedication in providing vetted candidates, streamlining our recruitment process significantly. Good attention to detail ensures that the candidates they present align with our requirements, saving us valuable time and resources. Clear communication regarding rates and candidate availability facilitates a seamless and efficient hiring process. Overall, partnering with Unitedcode has been instrumental in meeting our talent needs.
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Bury Huang
CTO at DeFiner Labs
We ended up with UNITEDCODE after talking to about 20 firms. They were a personal reference. That primarily pushed the decision. We had ticked all the boxes of skilled candidates and good resumes. We interviewed a bunch of other technical folks and their management. Only UNITEDCODE met all our criteria. Highly recommended!
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Don Bahlman
CEO at iOpen Innovations
We started our first kick-off meeting with UNITEDCODE in April 2018. Since that time it has been a long way for us to approach our goal. They quickly bring amazing developers to the project as needed. I find their mentorship program impressive and helpful for our project. UNITEDCODE treats us as a major client and helps us grow.
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Arthur Veytsman
Founder at Immerss
The leadership team from UNITEDCODE has literally saved our project. 18 months ago I was left with MVP product, no CTO, and a very dysfunctional team. I engaged with Dmitry and Yuliia to bring the vision to reality.They helped me to identify and hire the right resources. Put all the processes in place to run agile development and standardize processes.
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Mark Shrayber
MUV is a 20-year old global transportation provider but Covid almost took us out of business, and we had to lay off all technical resources to survive. 6 months ago we engaged with UNITEDCODE. Their agility and ability helped us regain our systems. They walked into, helped us sort through all the immediate hurdles, and continue helping us.
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Chakra Devalla
Co-Founder at tekVizion
UNITEDCODE's work has impacted UI/UX positively, pleasing users with the speed and quality of the interface. They focus on the brand’s success and make suggestions that improve workflows. Flexible and communicative, they also work well within an Agile methodology.
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Bill Galley
Advisor at Tech Ocean Software
UNITEDCODE has over 17 years of experience in software development. We chose them because they’re very professional, we received good recommendations of them. We’re impressed with their expertise, quality, and pricing. Not only would we both rehire anyone from UNITEDCODE, we would highly recommend them to anyone else.
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Mike Towery
CTO at Applied Artificial
Working with UNITEDCODE is a great experience. They always find great candidates and are a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
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Victor Radchenko
Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Yuliia. I had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several projects. As a team member or a leader, Yuliia's team earns my highest recommendation.
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Thomas Pietsch
Reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat. The highest ability to set up, steer projects and build relationships with vendors is great. They are multitasking efficiently and are able to handle a high-volume workload. Yuliia was a hard working, top performing. She has my highest recommendation!
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Andreas Kühl
Agile Expert at Deutsche Bank
Few things are very important to me: determination for quality and reliability. Together we were able to keep nearly all schedules we committed to. During the last year, we only lost one of our team of more that 20 to a competitor, which is unusually small for a nearshore project. I can only recommend Yuliia in any way.
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Nils Winkler
CEO at Yapital
Yuliia is a unique person, combining strong technical skills in IT with management skills - which is a rare breed. Productive and systematic in what she does, she can handle most difficult and stressful situations effectively. I can only highly recommend Yuliia.
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