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Taking risks with offshore development in Eastern Europe

Software development is a complex process that begins with conceptualizing a software product, which can be an application, a software component, or a structure.


Software Development With Limited Budget: The Way to Do It Right

Everyone who wants to develop software dreams that their product is versatile and impresses the audience with its abundance of features. Such thoughts are at the heart of the myth that software development requires huge funds and is the prerogative of technology companies and startups noticed by a rich investor.

#offshore team

How To Hire An Employee Without Paying a Recruiter

The reality of the labor market in 2021 is that employees can change very quickly, and new ones have to be found all the time to replace them. Small businesses don’t always have the ability or willingness to hire a recruiter. In such cases, the company owner or manager has to continuously recruit, distracted from other tasks.

Why You Should Cooperate with Ukraine

Why You Should Cooperate with Ukraine: Here’s Why Hiring IT Experts Makes Sense!

You may already know that Eastern Europe offers some of the best solutions proven by time. However, not all countries from this region are equally good in software development and IT in general.

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Give contacts for communication