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Offshore Software Development Rates 2022

Where to find a professional software developer? In what country this niche is best developed? What should you look for? How much does it cost to find an offshore software developer? We have done some research and are ready to give you the answers to these questions.


How to find experienced engineers if you are not technically proficient

Finding a genuine professional is not an easy challenge. Building a team of good professionals could be a difficult and long process in general. But how to hire an engineer and at what parameters you should pay attention while searching?


IT Outsourcing to Albania, Bulgaria, Romania: Outsourcing Countries Overview in 2022

There are many pieces of our planet that are undervalued. Take Southeast Europe, for example. Let’s be honest, we don’t know much about this region, nor about the state of technological advancement and software development there. Sure, this region has a smaller share of the global market for offshore outsourcing of IT and business processes. However, studies show that in the shadow of India, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the potential of Southeast Europe is enormous.


How to create a cross-platform application: a complete guide

According to Statista, the number of downloads on Google Play and the App Store has increased reaching 36.2 billion in Q4 2021. Apps are a necessity nowadays, nevertheless, there is always the question of whether to make an app for each platform separately (native) or one that works for all (cross-platform).

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