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Dmitry Bohatyrchuk COO, Founder UnitedCode
Dmitry Bohatyrchuk
COO, Founder
I've been in IT for over 17 years and I love what I do. This is the area where it is simply impossible to become bored. I am constantly learning new skills and honing existing ones, which allows me to bring our clients' most incredible ideas to life and benefit our customers. I believe that if they ask me, "What do I enjoy most about my job?" I will confidently respond, "Helping implement ideas and observing how with the help of technology, they become not just a reality, but actually working projects (products, business )”. Over the course of my IT career, I’ve assembled a team of the same IT visionaries and specialists who have extensive experience working in niche areas. My team and I would be delighted to share our knowledge and assist you with your project.
Yuliia Romanova CEO, Founder Unitedcode
Yuliia Romanova
CEO, Founder
My IT experience spans over 19 years, which has given me a good understanding of how the industry works and how it will develop in the future. To paraphrase Barbara Mandrell's phrase “I Was IT When IT Wasn’t Cool...” From the start, I worked my way up to become the CEO of a successful IT firm. I graduated from a technological university, worked as a QA engineer, SCRUM master, led the international testing department (more than 30 people), established and managed a school for training IT specialists (the employment rate was more than 83 percent), and founded my own startup whose clients were large multinational companies. All of this taught me how IT kitchen works from the inside out, how to build a successful business, and, most importantly, how to help you with the greatest efficiency. I’ve been on both sides as an outsourcing provider, and as a startup, I know and understand your pain firsthand.
Derek Forcher CSO, Advisor whith Unitedcode
Derek Forcher
CSO, Advisor
My aim is to enhance my first 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, customers, and offerings. In addition to expand on 10+ years of sales experience in Custom Software Development and Platform Engineering, services across the stack, from chip to cloud. My experience which includes 25+ years in Sales and Business Development and 9 years in Sales Management has taught me the skills and knowledge required effectively to execute and perform sales and sale management roles that consistently produce tremendous outcomes and impressive results. Knowledge and perception in developing emerging markets and leveraging mature business environments to meet sales targets and grow profitably. Experience of work in the following industries: Service Providers, Devices, Automotive, Applications + UX/UI, Silicon, Payments.
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