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With over 50 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch service on time, controlling the process while you can focus on product development, not micromanagement.
Yuliia Romanova
CEO & Co-Founder
With 19+ years in IT, Julia leads with vast experience in tech startups, ensuring your projects are guided by a seasoned hand
Dmytro Bohatyrchuk
COO & Co-Founder
An entrepreneur for 17+ years, excels in tech startups, assembling the right team to bring your IT vision to life
Yurii Mozharivskyi
CAO & Managing Partner
Leads daily team activities and ensures smooth operations to provide top solutions for our clients, vendors, and partners
Dariya Suprun
Senior Account Manager
Builds strong client relationships and ensures your unique needs are understood and prioritized
Dmytro Heraschenko
Head of Lead Generation
Manages lead generation, capturing warm leads and aligning them with UNITEDCODE's growth potential
Ronnie Ogapha
Client Relationship Manager
Assesses your needs and creates tailored strategies for your satisfaction with UNITEDCODE
Eugene Riaboshtan
Head of Western Europe, Ph.D.
An accomplished researcher in the IT field, effectively translating theoretical engineering expertise into the real world
Tetiana Kokina
Resource Manager
Tetiana excels in talent acquisition, assembling an exceptional team dedicated to your project's success
These are the most common questions put by our customers that should help you evaluate our abilities and understand the way we work on your custom software development projects.
Do I work with you or with the developer directly?
You work directly with both. We facilitate seamless communication between you and our developers, ensuring alignment and collaboration.
What does it mean in terms of UNITEDCODE's involvement during development?
We oversee the process, offering guidance, project monitoring, and support, ensuring smooth progress and alignment with your goals.
Will your team still provide support if necessary or be more hands-off?
We remain fully engaged, providing ongoing support and promptly addressing any challenges to maintain project momentum.
What is your fee structure for the development team?
We charge fixed commission in addition to engineers' hourly rates, making pricing transparent and predictable.
Is the $1200 a one-time payment fee or monthly recurring?
The $1200 is a fixed monthly commission that ensures consistent access to our services, support, and quality assurance.
What is your experience in mobile app and web development?
We have a strong track record in both areas, with skilled engineers ready to contribute to your mobile and web projects.
Where are your engineers located?
Our engineers are located in various countries, providing a diverse talent pool and enabling us to match the right expertise to your project.
Do you offer a trial period?
We offer an initial engagement phase, allowing you to evaluate our collaboration and ensure it meets your needs.
How does your onboarding process look like?
Our onboarding process is tailored to your project, focusing on the seamless integration of our developers into your existing team structure and processes.
Do you have references from recognizable companies?
We have a strong track record of collaborating with prominent companies. References are available upon request.
281.223.2855 8911 North Capital of Texas Highway, Suite 4200 #1151 Austin, TX 78759