Focus on product development, not micromanagement
Get quality, speed, and cost efficiency from our internal industry experts and the fully managed teams they build for you
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Introducing a New Perspective:
Timely Results
No more missed deadlines or excessive time commitments, ensuring your projects stay on track.
Frustration-Free Candidate Selection
In a crowded market of irrelevant candidates, nothing is more frustrating than hiring a developer who doesn't meet your skill level expectations. With our candidate selection process, we ensure that every developer aligns perfectly with your needs.
Effortless Management
Bid farewell to routine micromanagement and staff turnovers, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.
With us, you get
Tailored talent acquisition
Precision Matchmaking
Our developer selection encompasses various technologies and expertise levels, meticulously customized to your project needs. Choose quality, speed, and cost efficiency with our industry experts and fully managed teams.
Exceptional Engineers
We meticulously assess technical skills, domain expertise, and professional character, ensuring our developers meet your expectations and deliver exceptional results.
Clear and Open Collaboration
Transparency is our creed. Clients exclusively pay for actual work hours, well aware of the foundational rate for engineers. We cover holidays and sick days. 
Streamlined development process
Quality Assurance
Our dedicated US-based team oversees the development process, ensuring seamless progress and alignment with your project goals.
Swift Substitutions
Should the need arise, we offer hassle-free engineer substitutions at any stage of development, minimizing disruptions and maintaining momentum.
Accelerated Time-to-Marker
By leveraging strategic vendor agreements and a streamlined assessment process, we reduce recruitment and placement time, speeding up your time-to-market.
Secure Payments
Your satisfaction is our priority. We employ an escrow account, processing client payments only upon your full satisfaction with the delivery. Trust in secure and insured transactions.
Hassle-Free Administration
Focus on your project while we handle agreements, legal documentation, accounting, insurance, reporting, transfers, payments, and taxes, reducing risks and maximizing your project’s success.
Ensuring Uninterrupted Progress
We assure continuous advancement by offering the guarantee of promptly replacing team members whenever necessary to ensure seamless project development and mitigate associated risks.
Our Customer’s Results
We are focused on one common thing - your project success. Leveraging actionable business intelligence, we unleash business growth. Our results-driven strategy speeds time to market, cuts costs, and delivers top-tier software solutions for business advancement.
Faster time to market
Increase in quality
Decrease in the cost of software development
Why We Are Better
We took the best from staffing and outsourcing methodologies, melding them with our distinct expertise and development background to create UNITEDCODE.
efficiency of outsourcing company strategies
precision of staffing agency practices
extensive experience in IT development
Because UNITEDCODE is:
Large Engineering pool
Multiple vendors will have similar teams for our comparison, helping us discover the best possible developments for each client.
Projects Secured by US Law
All vendor selection, professional placement, project management and client satisfaction matters are protected by the oversite of a US-based management team - insured and secured by US law.
Free Engineer Replacement
Should a team substitution need to be made at any time, we will replace the developer free of charge and at any stage of development.
Keep An Eye On The Dev Process
We ensure that both the customer and the engineer understand each other regarding development performance. The developer gets paid only when the client is satisfied.
Payment at satisfactory completion
We utilize an escrow account to ensure client payments do not cross borders until everyone is satisfied with delivery.
Driven By Your Needs, not our bench
We can assess and select engineers at any level for any technology because we have no existing bench or staff overhead. Our work is driven distinctly by client needs. As a result, we can choose the search, services, and technologies as requested by our clients.
Transparent Engagement
We offer pricing transparency and do not take developer commissions. We cover holidays and sick days, while our clients only pay for work hours.
Team Administration
We take responsibility for the agreements, legal documentation, accounting practices, insurance coverage, reporting, transfers, payments, and taxes.
Let’s discuss your project
These are the most common questions put by our customers that should help you evaluate our abilities and understand the way we work on your custom software development projects.
Do I work with you or with the developer directly?
You work directly with both. We facilitate seamless communication between you and our developers, ensuring alignment and collaboration.
What does it mean in terms of UNITEDCODE's involvement during development?
We oversee the process, offering guidance, project monitoring, and support, ensuring smooth progress and alignment with your goals.
Will your team still provide support if necessary or be more hands-off?
We remain fully engaged, providing ongoing support and promptly addressing any challenges to maintain project momentum.
What is your fee structure for the development team?
We charge fixed commission in addition to engineers' hourly rates, making pricing transparent and predictable.
Is the $1200 a one-time payment fee or monthly recurring?
The $1200 is a fixed monthly commission that ensures consistent access to our services, support, and quality assurance.
What is your experience in mobile app and web development?
We have a strong track record in both areas, with skilled engineers ready to contribute to your mobile and web projects.
Where are your engineers located?
Our engineers are located in various countries, providing a diverse talent pool and enabling us to match the right expertise to your project.
Do you offer a trial period?
We offer an initial engagement phase, allowing you to evaluate our collaboration and ensure it meets your needs.
How does your onboarding process look like?
Our onboarding process is tailored to your project, focusing on the seamless integration of our developers into your existing team structure and processes.
Do you have references from recognizable companies?
We have a strong track record of collaborating with prominent companies. References are available upon request.
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